Time to modify our Free Dove Logo a little after years. We have sure modified it a few times but is 2020 we had to do it one more time.

Here it is…

We wanted to show that The Free Dove is from our Top Designers and also for them, it is definitely for our SL Residents even if they just started Second Life or being in Second Life for years. The Free Dove is for all ALWAYS!!

Anywhere you see this logo it means that location supports FREE DOVE.

The Free Dove also reminds you that is a place to find free items that will always compliment your style. The visitor wants to dress from our great SECOND LIFE TOP DESIGNERS always.

Free Dove also offers to the public a plaza to enjoy and chat, offers a few designers stores and cart sales.

We hope you enjoy visiting Free Dove, bring your friends!

Bring them to Free Dove, an historical landmark in Second Life since 2005.

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If you have a store and you would like to have a poster/panel at your location, please contact the owner Palomma Casanova in world.