First ever vehicle at Free Dove! Thanks 777 Motors for being there for Free Dove

Free Dove wanted to provide a type of vehicle to Free Dove visitors and why not this adorable scooter.

We love it at Free Dove!! So come and grab yours and right all around the outside of Free Dove. Sorry you cannot ride it inside Free Dove but our Gallii sim has some nice paths and roads you can continue riding around.

You can find the scooter, right outside if you teleport to the Free Dove Plaza/Courtyard

Click here to teleport directly: 777 Motors Free Dove Scooter

Remember you need to join the group “The Free Dove” to grab this free item

Thanks to jamesnguyen94 aka James Garrison, creator of 777 Motors

Click here to tp to see other amazing vehicles!!! 777 Motors

Thank you James for sponsoring to Free Dove!!